22 For '22! Brewery run clubs

One in a series of posts looking at people, places, events and more that will help running rise to another level in 2022.

22 For '22! Brewery run clubs
Runners on a summer night at SouthEnd Brewing Co. on Lewis Street in downtown Greensboro.

Editor's note: This is the first entry in a series, 22 For '22, celebrating running in the Triad. Running Shorts' paid subscribers will receive a reminder every day through Jan. 1 about events, places, people or things that will help running rise to another level in 2022. Off we go, and enjoy!

We're going to toast the old year and welcome a new one in a few days.

Across the Triad, runners are toasting their runs nearly every day of the week.

In Running Shorts' previous life, most of the running groups in the Triad that made their way onto a directory centered around running clubs or the running store or free runs offered by coaches or fitness businesses.

I count 12 running groups in Greensboro – and, sure, more need to find their way onto this site's directory – but four are directly tied to breweries: Little Brother, Oden, Natty Greene's and SouthEnd. A fifth is not officially linked, but it is the way I keep 'em: Downtown Greenway, at Joymongers. And members of a sixth group, RunClub, celebrate their Monday night runs with barley, hops and camaraderie in a neighborhood restaurant.

So you're not in Greensboro? No problem.

You can find run groups organized out of Fiddlin' Fish and Foothills in Winston-Salem; Red Oak in Whitsett; Brown Truck and Goofy Foot Taproom in High Point; Potent Potables in Jamestown; Kernersville Brewing; Goose and The Monkey in Lexington; and Four Saints in Asheboro.

In the Triad, you're covered on six days of the week.

Click below to learn more about brewery run groups, plus all of the others.


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