Boston Marathon: Recapping coverage of Triad runners

Running Shorts' coverage of the 2021 Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon: Recapping coverage of Triad runners

Good afternoon, runners!

Going back to 2010, in Running Shorts' previous life, I've viewed the Boston Marathon as a pinnacle for a runner in a community. It's the world's most famous foot race, and its qualifying standards are exacting. Not every runner aspires to it, of course, and the truth is that most of us aren't going to make it.

I'm one of the latter, so I've lived vicariously through the runners who do make it, treating the third Monday in April – or a second Monday in October – as a celebration of the sport from this vantage point more than 700 miles away from the finish line on Boylston Street. Since 2010, runners have been willing to pause their celebrations just long enough to share race-day experiences with readers, through Running Shorts, and I'm grateful for those nearly 90 Triad runners over the last 11 years.

They've been brothers, husbands and wives, father and daughter. They've been lifelong runners and those who picked up the sport in mid-life. They've been former college athletes and weekend warriors. They've been natives of North Carolina and of Mexico and Ireland and Ethiopia. They've experienced the horrors of a finish-line bombing and the thrill of following in the footsteps of Meb Keflezighi and Des Linden. And from Adkins to Zona, they've all crossed the Boston Marathon finish line.

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A recap of Boston Marathon coverage, including the premium post-race reports from Triad runners, with the full results at the bottom of this list.

Race reports

Boston Marathon Report: Jeremy Bush and Matt Grannis
A Boston Marathon report from Winston-Salem’s Jeremy Bush and Matt Grannis, completing the race after having run the Chicago Marathon on Sunday.
Boston Marathon Report: Nathan Beamguard
A Boston Marathon report from Hamptonville’s Nathan Beamguard.
Boston Marathon Report: Val and David Duggan
A Boston Marathon report from High Point’s Val and David Duggan.
Boston Marathon Report: Esayas Nida
A Boston Marathon report from Greensboro’s Gebre Nida.
Boston Marathon Report: Gebre Nida
A Boston Marathon report from Greensboro’s Gebre Nida.
Boston Marathon Report: Cindy Barbour
A Boston Marathon report from Greensboro’s Cindy Barbour.

Before the Boston Marathon

Three Triad runners to double their pleasures at Chicago Marathon, Boston Marathon
Hamptonville’s Nathan Beamguard and Winston-Salem’s Jeremy Bush and Matt Grannis will race in Sunday’s Chicago Marathon and in Monday’s Boston Marathon.
Halfway home: Three from Triad in Boston after running in Chicago Marathon
Triad runners Nathan Beamguard, Jeremy Bush and Matt Grannis discuss Sunday’s Chicago Marathon after arriving to compete in Monday’s Boston Marathon.
Triad entries for the 125th Boston Marathon
The 125th Boston Marathon is scheduled for Oct. 11.
A first. A close call. A weekend to top all weekends: Four Triad runners tell their 2021 Boston Marathon acceptance stories
Triad runners Val and David Duggan of High Point, Darrel Wells of Greensboro and Jeremy Bush of Winston-Salem explain their unique entries and participation in the 125th Boston Marathon, set for Oct. 11.

How they fared