Boston Marathon Report: Nathan Beamguard

A Boston Marathon report from Hamptonville's Nathan Beamguard.

Boston Marathon Report: Nathan Beamguard
Nathan Beamguard's medals from the Chicago Marathon and the Boston Marathon.
Click on the video to see and hear Nathan Beamguard share his Boston Marathon experience. 

Nathan Beamguard, who ran Sunday in the Chicago Marathon, recaps his day at the Boston Marathon and his weekend. Watch the video above, or read his report here:





Finishing time


How he qualified

2:55:53 at 2018 Chicago Marathon

Boston experience

Second Boston Marathon

Marathon (or longer) experience

17th marathon

Halfway home: Three from Triad in Boston after running in Chicago Marathon
Triad runners Nathan Beamguard, Jeremy Bush and Matt Grannis discuss Sunday’s Chicago Marathon after arriving to compete in Monday’s Boston Marathon.
Three Triad runners to double their pleasures at Chicago Marathon, Boston Marathon
Hamptonville’s Nathan Beamguard and Winston-Salem’s Jeremy Bush and Matt Grannis will race in Sunday’s Chicago Marathon and in Monday’s Boston Marathon.

How it went

"It went pretty well. My legs felt surprisingly good when I woke up this morning. My hamstrings were sore, and one of my feet hurt, but other than that, OK. They weren't stiff.

"When I started, I could run really, really well, and I had a good first half today. Then within a mile or two after half, I was out of gas. My legs just went. It was run-walk from then on. When I could run, I was still running at an OK pace, but I could only hold it for a mile and a half and then have to walk a couple of hundred yards and do it again."

Nathan Beamguard ran a 3:04:21 at the Chicago Marathon and a 3:16:32 at the Boston Marathon on back-to-back days.

What put him in position for back-to-back

"A lot of years of pretty high-mileage training, honestly. With this training cycle, the back-to-back weekend long runs really helped a lot."

What he's learned about himself this weekend

"That I don't like to fly often (laughs). I don't generally mind flying, but I've taken five airline flights, four airline flights, since last Wednesday and I've got another one in a couple of days. I don't like flying that often (laughs). There's nothing deep; it's just that."

Whether he'd do this again

"I don't know if I would. If I could do it without the travel, I might think about it. I know people who have done back-to-back marathons where they do them relatively close together. One will be an hour from another one. That I might be willing to do if there was a reason. I don't know if I'd ever want to do this much travel for one again."

How he'll celebrate

"We're going to out and meet some friends for dinner who also ran Boston. Just kinda low-key, just sit and talk. Like runners do."