Hundreds of runners, hundreds of miles fill a three-day weekend

Hundreds of runners, hundreds of miles fill a three-day weekend
Doggettville's John Doggett on the left, and that's Trouble, the Doggettville 12's winning relay team, on the right: Chad Berry, Will Petty, Bobby Refinati, Ryan Davis, Lauren Bianchi and Amanda Coble (photo courtesy of Amanda Coble).

Before the weekend gets too far into the rear-view mirror, road and trail – farm? – racing returned in high gear as summer fired its final blast in the Triad.

An unsual three-day weekend of events, among others, included the Moonlight Madness 5K in Winston-Salem, the PTI Run on the Runway 5K and 10K, the Doggettville 12-hour ultra and the Growler Gallop 5K and 10K.

Those four sites featured more than a combined 1,000 finishers. And among the performances worth noting:

High Point's Wil Zahorodny not only won the Moonlight Madness 5K on Friday night and the Growler Gallop 10K on Sunday afternoon, but he did the latter after finishing third earlier in that morning in the Canes 5K in Raleigh (16:33).

Jamestown's Brandon Hudgins averaged 5:21 per mile in winning the Growler Gallop 5K.

Greensboro's Kristen Bowles scored a fifth-place finish in the Moonlight Madness 5K on Friday night then, about 12 hours later, took fourth in the PTI Run on the Runway 5K to start her Saturday morning.

Greensboro's Sean Cowgill ran 63 miles and Thomasville's Chasity Ramsey logged 51 to win the Doggettville 12 titles, with Cowgill holding off ...

•  ... Colfax's Scott Goodwin, who ran 60. Goodwin's wife, Shannon, and her sister, Brooke Sumner, ran 44 miles each together.

A recap of the top finishers and links to full results:

Moonlight Madness 5K




Junction 311 Endurance Sports event, part of the Omega Sports Race Series


Friday night

Number of finishers


Men's top five

1. Wil Zahorodny, High Point, 17:18.39

2. Justin Sink, Lexington, 17:54.79

3. Lucas O'Neal, Winston-Salem, 19:03.40

4. Gregory Peters, Lexington, 19:21.73

5. Max Camp, Franklin, Tenn., 19:36.07

Women's top five

1. Melissa Hinkle, Winston-Salem, 21:34.33

2. Kelly Emling, Winston-Salem, 22:25.56

3. Allison Jarrell, High Point, 22:45.08

4. Eleanor Carroll, Atlanta, 23:21.05

5. Kristen Bowles, Greensboro, 23:23.68

Full results

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Doggettville 12


12-hour race at Doggettville Farm in Summerfield




Men's top five

1. Sean Cowgill, Greensboro, 63 miles

2. Scott Goodwin, Colfax, 60 miles

T3. Benjamin Fons, 57 miles (11:53:42.6)

T3. Ryan Shuping, Greensboro, 57 miles (11:59:11.2)

5. Andrew Adkins, Greensboro, 55 miles

Women's top five

1. Chasity Ramsey, Thomasville, 51 miles

2. Joanna Downer, Durham, 49 miles

T3. Brooke Sumner, Greensboro, 44 miles (11:55:52.2)

T3. Shannon Goodwin, Colfax, 44 miles (11:55:52.3)

5. Charlotte Matheny, Greensboro, 33 miles


1. Trouble (Ryan Davis, Amanda Coble, Chad Berry, Lauren Bianchi, Will Petty, Bobby Refinati), 79 miles

2. The Nics (Nicole Clarke, Nicholas Atz), 53 miles

3. Tough Babes (Monica Smith, Jessica Emerson, Tonda Gosnell, Sarah Hampton, Kristen Redman), 45 miles

4. Sisterhood of the Traveling PJ Pants (Rachel Meinel, Jennifer Wallis), 28 miles

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PTI Run on the Runway


Piedmont Triad International Airport


Junction 311 Endurance Sports event, part of the Omega Sports Race Series



Number of finishers

5K, 419

10K, 102


Men's top five

1. Caleb Wilkerson, Kernersville, 18:28.65

2. Jacob Fitzgerald, Greensboro, 18:55.76

3. Zach Rose, Knoxville, Tenn., 19:09.28

4. Brad Pullins, Whitsett, 19:29.97

5. Samuel Binder, Greensboro, 19:30.80

Women's top five

1. Tracy Binder, Havertown, Pa., 20:39.58

2. Caitlyn Pullins, Whitsett, 21:17.29

3. Sarah McDonald, Greensboro, 22:31.11

4. Kristen Bowles, Greensboro, 23:07.79

5. Liv Bresnahan, Winston-Salem, 23:29.62


Men's top five

1. Benjamin Wilson, Greensboro, 37:19.59

2. Stan Chintankwa, Tucson, Ariz., 39:26.76

3. Grzegorz Szymanski, High Point, 42:45.30

4. Taiki Azuma, Greensboro, 43:02.00

5. Kenton Stamey, Greensboro, 43:20.33

Women's top five

1. Sara Flynn-Loy, Mebane, 44:21.25

2. Reba Slivka, Jamestown, 51:15.75

3. Sarah Gray, Berkeley, Calif., 52:55.68

4. Carina Nance, High Point, 55:39.26

5. Mary Atkinson, Greensboro, 55:44.17

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Growler Gallop




Trivium Racing Running Series event



Number of finishers

5K, 107

10K, 86


Men's top five

1. Brandon Hudgins, Jamestown, 16:38.71

2. Royce Scrivano, Greensboro, 18:33.74

3. James Dimwiddie, Kannapolis, 20:32.85

4. Keion Turner, Burlington, 21:47.72

5. Steven Bednar, Greensboro, 23:13.55

Women's top five

1. Beth Dyson, Greensboro, 24:42.53

2. Dora Gicheva, Greensboro, 25:02.56

3. A. Tuma, Greensboro, 25:59.93

4. Kat Popov-Tropina, Raleigh, 26:04.17

5. Amanda Angel, Greensboro, 26:08.63


Men's top five

1. Wil Zahorodny, High Point, 37:06.97

2. Bryan Dingle, Greensboro, 39:25.65

3. Dalen Ward, Greensboro, 39:43.39

4. Matthew Bader, Durham, 41:37.72

5. Brian Hawks, Kernersville, 45:24.56

Women's top five

1. Elizabeth Coyte, Durham, 47:11.86

2. Katie Fabian, Greensboro, 51:04.47

3. Alicia Bader, Durham, 51:18.01

4. Andrea Pollina, Greensboro, 53:46.64

5. Regan Marriner, Greensboro, 56:03.49

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