Running Shorts Recap: Long means strong for Winston-Salem runners

A recap of the top weekend events in the Triad.

Running Shorts Recap: Long means strong for Winston-Salem runners
Winston-Salem's Grace Mangiacapre, who would be the women's runner-up in the 50K, leading eventual winner, Tatiana Kennedy (photo courtesy of Trivium Racing on Facebook).
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Runners in Trivium Racing's Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock ultra races on Saturday moved forward in reverse.

The races featured a one-time shift of directions, from a starting line at Hanging Rock State Park to the finish line in Pilot Mountain State Park. Instead of PM2HR, 2021 offered HR2PM.

Runners from nearby Winston-Salem were strong, grabbing second through fifth places in the men's 50K and second in the women's 50K, plus a second and a fourth in the 50-mile races.

While those runners needed to make only short trips to race, Winston-Salem's Donnie Cowart set a course record, in two hours, 19 minutes and 58 seconds (a 5:21-per-mile pace) to win the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, N.Y., on Sunday. Winston-Salem's Molly Nunn is a former Wineglass champion.

A recap of the top finishers in selected Triad races this weekend, with links to full results:

Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock Ultra


Men's top five

1. Will Gaul, Fincastle, Va., 5:20:07.5

2. Nick Rose, Winston-Salem, 5:32:35.0

3. Phillip Summers, Winston-Salem, 5:42:19.4

4. Robert Jones, Winston-Salem, 5:49:30.1

5. Lionel Alva, Winston-Salem, 5:51:17.4

Women's top five

1. Tatianna Kennedy, Vienna, Va., 5:38:11.5

2. Grace Mangiacapre, Winston-Salem, 5:47:56.3

3. Melissa Uchytil, Atwater, Minn., 6:33:15.3

4. Delaine Garcia, San Antonio, 6:56:50.6

5. April Bailey, Apex, 6:57:43.2

Click here for full results of the Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock 50K

50 Miles

Men's top five

1. Joshua Sutterfield, Rockville, Md., 8:30:27

2. Christopher Brand, Winston-Salem, 9:40:03

3. Benjamin Lowry, Zebulon, 10:32:38.1

4. Matt Trommater, Raleigh, 10:44:54.3

5. Mark Folkert, Wake Forest, 10:45:57.0

Women's top five

1. Natalie Bulik-Sullivan, Fort Benning, Ga., 11:48:46.7

2. Emelie Vanasse, Norristown, Pa., 12:21:28.6

3. Marie Timm, Fayetteville, 12:58:30.9

4. Julie Sutter, Winston-Salem, 12:58:46.6

5. Hanna Berghout, Apex, 13:13:14.1

Click here for full results of the Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock 50 Miles

Stop Drop and Roll 5K

Men's top five

1. Alex Howerton, Oak Ridge, 19:55.7

2. James Talbot, McLeansville, 20:05.8

3. Esteban Hueso, Fuquay-Varina, 20:45.2

4. Gabriel McClinton, Greensboro, 20:57.2

5. Bryan Dingle, Greensboro, 21:01.7

Women's top five

1. Corrie Baglia, High Point, 23:46.4

2. Hope Rust, New Bern, 24:07.4

3. Rebecca Craig, Winston-Salem, 24:28.7

4. Samantha Dunnington, Greensboro, 25:04.6

5. Kristie Reed, Summerfield, 25:14.1

Click here to find full results of the Stop Drop and Roll 5K