Running Shorts Recap: Run for Joy 5K honors life of Katelyn Beardsley

A recap of weekend races in the Triad.

Running Shorts Recap: Run for Joy 5K honors life of Katelyn Beardsley
Lawrie Beardsley, flanked by her husband, Jim; daughters Rachel Beardsley and Natalie Stinehour; and son-in-law, Karle Stinehour, speaking to runners at the Run for Joy 5K (photo courtesy of David Daggett).

Runners from around the country participating virtually joined nearly 500 in Winston-Salem on Saturday in honoring the life of Katelyn Joy Beardsley at the Run for Joy 5K.

The first-year race celebrated the memory of Katelyn, who was a student in the Wake Forest School of Medicine's nurse anesthesia program. The Western Guilford High School and Clemson graduate died by suicide on June 11, 2020, at age 26.

"She had a strong love for God and people," the race's web site states. "She also loved running, which was her favorite way to combat her depression and anxiety."

Katelyn Beardsley with her father, Jim, after they and Lawrie Beardsley ran in the Charleston Half Marathon in South Carolina (photo courtesy of Lawrie Beardsley).

More than $10,000 has been raised from the event, designed to support mental wellness for health-care trainees (click here to donate). Proceeds will support programming to increase awareness of mental health issues, promote mental wellness and advocacy and be a part of building the Katelyn Beardsley Memorial Fund at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

The event's Facebook page featured posts from runners in Oregon, Colorado, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida and other posts showing participants in student registered nurse anesthetist programs from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash.; Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University; and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

"What stood out to me the most was the emotion at the race," TeriLyn Adams, a runner and a sponsor for the race, wrote in a Facebook message exchange Sunday night. "So many races are for charity but people still go out blazing and competitive. Yes there were fast runners, but it didn’t seem about winning."

In an Instagram post after the race, Adams wrote that she had met Katelyn's mother, Lawrie.

"I am in awe of her grace and strength," Adams wrote. "I imagine Katelyn was a lot like her – warm and kind. She made me feel like a dear friend right away and talked about how she wants to make a difference and help others."

The top finishers in the road race, followed by recaps of selected other Triad events on Saturday:

Men's top five

1. Andrew Wedeking, Winston-Salem, 18:07.49

2. Edward Coomer, Winston-Salem, 19:14.69

3. Daniel Hestenes, Durham, 20:15.49

4. Langdon Luther, Winston-Salem, 20:23.65

5. Lucas Galli, Winston-Salem, 20:35.45

Women's top five

1. Emmy Bowe, Winston-Salem, 20:11.75

2. Jennifer Fichera, Winston-Salem, 21:20.56

3. Laura Monaghan, Winston-Salem, 21:23.29

4. Jayda Esplund, Winston-Salem, 21:28.83

5. Corey Johnson, Winston-Salem, 21:54.36

Click here for full results of the Run for Joy 5K

Race Days: Road and trail races in the Triad
A listing of road and trail races, plus virtual options, across the Triad (with a few beyond).

Hit the Brixx 10K and 5K




Part of Junction 311 Endurance Sports' Omega Sports Race Series.

The races were a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Numbers of finishers: 83 in the 10K (7:45 a.m. start), 131 in the 5K (9 a.m. start).

Virtual versions of the races continue through Oct. 31.

Next in the Race Series: The Cannonball Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K on Friday and Saturday. Click here to learn more and to sign up.


Men's top five

1. Aidan Reyna, Thomasville, 35:12.57

2. Wil Zahorodny, High Point, 35:26.02

3. Isaac Reyna, Thomasville, 37:21.17

4. Aaron Kidd, Greensboro, 39:10.16

5. Mark Jellous, High Point, 39:32.12

Women's top five

1. Victoria Meeks, Greensboro, 43:35.19

2. Kim Glass, Raleigh, 46:12.90

3. Kristen Bowles, Greensboro, 47:42.87

4. Bebe Ramzah, Greensboro, 51:32.87

5. Andrea Pollina, Greensboro, 52:09.03

Click here for full results of the Hit the Brixx 10K


Men's top five

1. Wil Zahorodny, High Point, 17:42.16

2. Aidan Reyna, Thomasville, 17:46.55

3. Isaac Reyna, Thomasville, 18:45.46

4. Clark Wahlberg, Greensboro, 19:49.83

5. Bryan Dingle, Greensboro, 21:10.02

Women's top five

1. Victoria Meeks, Greensboro, 21:33.43

2. Robin McCloskey, Browns Summit, 24:24.69

3. Tiffany Stankewich, Oak Ridge, 25:47.12

4. Colleen Wait, Oak Ridge, 25:52.05

5. Arlene Barbosa, Greensboro, 27:00.05

Ardmore RAH! 5K and 10K




RAH!, or the Run Against Hunger, benefits the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina.

Women's 5K winner Anna Edwards is 13.

Numbers of finishers: 225 in the 5K (8:30 a.m. start), 75 in the 10K (9:15 a.m. start).


Click on the video to see the finish-line camera for the Ardmore RAH! 5K in Winston-Salem.

Men's top five

1. Michael Hyland, Winston-Salem, 18:23.22

2. Blake Farmer, Winston-Salem, 18:32.90

3. Paul Rudnicke, Winston-Salem, 20:29.06

4. Christopher Sabolcik, Winston-Salem, 20:31.94

5. Andrew Younger, Lexington, 20:42.71

Women's top five

1. Anna Edwards, Advance, 19:09.27

2. Erin Pfeiffer, Winston-Salem, 20:54.54

3. Lucia Ellis, Mocksville, 20:55.00

4. B. Cassada, Advance, 20:58.79

5. Sami Portman, Clemmons, 22:38.21


Click on the video to see the finish-line camera for the Ardmore RAH! 10K in Winston-Salem.

Men's top five

1. Matthew Shinners, Cary, 38:35.87

2. Quinn Dunlap, Davidson, 39:48.96

3. Timothy Cronin, Clemmons, 40:08.44

4. Michael Hyland, Winston-Salem, 41:31.32

5. Blake Farmer, Winston-Salem, 42:02.92

Women's top five

1. Lesha Sabio, Winston-Salem, 46:39.38

2. Holley Peters, Winston-Salem, 49:06.73

3. Laura Lintner, Winston-Salem, 49:07.51

4. Shannon Randle, Winston-Salem, 53:24.97

5. Megan Youngblood, Winston-Salem, 54:54.54

Click here for full results of the Ardmore RAH! 10K