Triad entries for the 125th Boston Marathon

The 125th Boston Marathon is scheduled for Oct. 11.

Triad entries for the 125th Boston Marathon
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Three weeks from this afternoon, runners from the Triad will be sporting finisher medals and recounting their stories of completing the historic 125th Boston Marathon.

Running Shorts will be your home on race day for coverage of Triad runners' experiences.

The field is smaller – 20,000 – than in most years because of the Boston Athletic Association's COVID protocols. Qualifiers needed to be at least seven minutes and 47 seconds faster than the qualifying time for their age groups.

Fifty-eight runners have Triad ties, down from 78 entered in 2019. North Carolina has 426 runners entered, down from 561 two years ago.

A virtual Boston Marathon will be held with 70,000 runners allowed to enter.

The list of entries from the Triad:

Guilford County (24)


Cindy Barbour, 55

George Bene, 52

April Galloway, 36

Keith Gruchacz, 36

Pat Hester, 68 (injured; will not run)

Colleen King, 52

Evan Logan, 42

Danny McCormick, 46

Hiroaki Nagatomi, 56

Esayas Nida, 27

Gebreselassie Nida, 47

Kenton Stamey, 62

Sally Van Nuland, 46

Darrell Wells, 63


Kim Gallimore, 66

Buddy Gray, 56

High Point

Rachel Beck, 35

David Duggan, 54

Valerie Duggan, 45

Cameron Nothoff, 30

Oak Ridge

Rose Alonso-Mckenzie, 56

Mark Lindsay, 50


Michele Johann, 68


Matthew Rand, 55

Forsyth County (26)


Cory Boyte, 51

Jeremy Bush, 41

Myron Coulson, 57

Gabriella Delay, 30

Eva George, 36

Matthew Grannis, 43

Charles Harris, 56

Teresa Inman, 44 (will not run)

Herbert Krabel, 56

Stephen Maat, 58

Keith Miller, 64

Landon Moxley, 30

Alicia Rider, 40

Penny Russ, 63

Hernan Sabio, 47

Madeline Stambaugh, 26

Leslie Williams, 38

Scott Wilson, 65

Christopher Zona, 45


Lori Bodwell, 55

Ha Green, 45

Tim Istock, 68

Rosemary Lather, 65

Mitch Monroe, 60

Molly Nunn, 38

Walter Wray, 40

Elsewhere (8)


Laura Bradford, 37


Stephen Stiegel, 42


Nathan Beamguard, 48


Carmen Bork, 40


Jeffrey Littlefield, 52


Joe Ozbolt, 66

Quinn Woodruff, 35


Brandon Harris, 35