2022 Boston Marathon results for Triad runners

Results from Triad runners at Monday's Boston Marathon.

2022 Boston Marathon results for Triad runners
Greensboro's Susan Varga at the Boston Marathon. 

Triad runners' results from the 126th Boston Marathon on Monday.

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Guilford County


George Bene: 3:34:15

John Boschini: 3:24:13

Nolan Carter: 3:14:21

Richard Cimino: 3:32:41

Thomas Coleman: 4:17:37

Samuel Cox: 3:55:17

David Gile: 3:17:19

Elizabeth Gill: 3:41:49

Keith Gruchacz: 2:39:24

Ronald Hooijschuur: 3:52:09

Matthew Lehman: 2:57:57

Danny McCormick: 3:09:04

Hiroaki Nagatomi: 3:26:42

Esayas Nida: 2:35:24

Susan Pardue: 3:54:17

Miguel Perez: 02:55:11

Bill Raabe: 3:46:24

Terrieha Romer: 3:54:42

Oliver Rouch: 2:57:29

Susan Varga: 4:04:08

High Point

Valerie Duggan: 3:38:38

Kim Gallimore: 4:19:37

Arpad Lukacs: 4:50:44

Oak Ridge

Chaffraix Lelong: 3:40:31


Lisa Aponte-Wolff: 4:00:50

Forsyth County


Jessica Allen: 3:26:23

Lionel Alva: 3:18:15

Andrew Boudon: 3:21:54

Sarah Budd: 3:25:48

Jeremy Bush: 2:47:45

Kenneth Bush: 3:09:27

Myron Coulson: 3:22:36

Matthew Grannis: 2:51:05

Michael Kangelaris: 4:51:31

Enoch Kim: 3:26:19

Frances Miller: 4:41:53

Alicia Rider: 3:47:16

Penny Russ: 3:56:00

Hernan Sabio: 5:22:43

Justin Shumaker: 3:00:41

Barry Slowey: 3:16:42

Madeline Stambaugh: 3:25:10

Teddy Tsiolkas: 4:51:31

Christopher Zona: 3:46:19


Lori Bodwell: 4:26:39

Ha Green: 4:00:22

Rosemary Lather: 4:29:07

Mitch Monroe: 3:40:14


Ed Flowers: 4:35:20


Hannah Boles: 3:23:24



Matthew Sommer: 3:14:46


Stephen Stiegel: 2:49:14

Hanna Wentz: 3:08:08


Carmen Bork


Nathan Beamguard: 2:52:29