Finishing times for Triad runners at the Boston Marathon

How all of our runners fared in the world's most prestigious footrace.

Finishing times for Triad runners at the Boston Marathon
The final turn for runners in the Boston Marathon (Colleen Wait photo).

Finishing times for runners from the Triad who competed at the 127th running of the Boston Marathon.

These will be updated throughout Monday afternoon.

Guilford County


George Bene, 4:02:31

Nicole Chandler, 3:29:55

Samuel Cox, 3:39:15

Kara Davis, 3:32:36

April Galloway, 3:59:03

David Gile, 3:16:03

Thomas Glaser, 3:42:43

Keith Gruchacz, 2:53:45

April Irwin, 3:24:18

Sally Maley, 4:16:30

Christy Marchel

Victoria Meeks, 3:31:31

Courtney Murphy, 3:43:36

Esayas Nida, 2:33:44

Gebreselassie Nida, 2:53:48

Miguel Perez, 2:51:20

Bill Raabe, 3:47:22

Ben Wilson, 2:58:29

High Point

Erin Kline, 4:17:38

Grzegorz Szymanski, 3:20:50

Oak Ridge

Chaffraix Lelong, 3:15:39

Charlie Stack, 3:37:56

Colleen Wait, 4:15:01


Tyler Jordan, 3:29:14

Troy Morris, 3:41:59

Forsyth County


Xhenet Aliu, 3:35:50

Jessica Allen, 3:23:07

Lionel Alva, 3:28:39

Hannah Boles, 3:23:06

Dan Bradley, 4:02:08

Christopher Brand, 3:02:53

Waldermar Brigido Jr., 3:14:31

Sarah Budd, 3:20:59

Jeremy Bush, 2:50:52

Sage Costen, 3:04:45

Myron Coulson, 3:58:57

Matthew Grannis, 2:46:24

Meredith Hamsher, 4:23:29

Robert Jones, 3:15:36

Enoch Kim, 3:22:19

Joanna Argus Kirkendall, 3:39:16

Frances Miller, 4:38:27

Keith Miller, 3:24:33

Penny Russ, 4:05:04

Hernan Sabio, 3:43:08

Justin Shumaker, 2:57:31

Barry Slowey, 3:13:39


Ha Green, 4:08:47

Michael Kangelaris, 4:33:55

Rosemary Lather, 4:12:49

Mitch Monroe, 3:42:14

Shawn Roberts, 3:19:27


Stephanie Tickerhoff, 4:58:30


Ed Flowers, 3:45:22

Rural Hall

Jake Moore, 3:07:08


Nathan Beamguard, Hamptonville, 2:53:29

Dhani Biscocho, Burlington, 3:25:25

Carmen Bork, Graham, 3:10:03

Laura Bradford, Burlington, 3:43:26

Zack Fuller, Asheboro, 2:54:21

David Kabealo, Advance, 4:52:53

Matthew Sommer, Burlington, 3:08:36

Stephen Stiegel, Elon, 3:02:37

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