Runners: Allie Kinlaw

The Runners profile is posted at the new Running Shorts on Friday mornings. Today, meet Greensboro's Allie Kinlaw, a rising freshman at Page High School.

Runners: Allie Kinlaw

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The Warmup






Parents, Caroline and Jeff; brother, Kyle, 11; sister, Madelyn, 8

Day job

Rising freshman at Page High School after attending Greensboro Academy.

"During the school year, getting work done. Not a job yet, but maybe next year, get a little summer job or something."

Why I run

"I like to run because I just love how it feels, first of all. I find it really fun. It's kind of my personality; it boosts my energy. And I just love to hang out with friends who run as well. It's just very fun for me. ... I've been running more competitively since about sixth grade. I did my first 5K (Women's Only 5K Walk & Run) when I was about 7 or 8 with my mom. ... We were running it together. She's like, 'Might as well try it out.' And I ended up running the whole thing without stopping. And she was like, 'Wow, that's surprising!' Over the years, she'd put me in mile-long little fun runs. I liked those a lot when I was little."

My runner's high

"When I do practices and stuff, I really feel it after it. Every once in a while, you'll hit a practice where you don't really want to go or you're just not feeling it that day. But once you go and you finish it afterward, I feel really good. And it gets me motivated to keep it going for the rest of the week."

About my running team

"I joined Greensboro Pacesetters last June, and my coach is Charlie Brown. And he's been doing it a long time. I'm sure you know, but he's a really great coach. I've gotten so much better over the past year. So it's been really fun.

“He's been really encouraging, and his workout structure with how our weekly practices go is really good. He doesn't push us too hard all the time, but he also makes sure we are getting the work in we need to be doing each week. So it's been really helpful."

My busy weekend

Greensboro's Allie Kinlaw won two races at the State Games in Durham.

"I'll be competing in one of the state meets (USATF North Carolina Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships). It's going to be at North Carolina A&T. I'm going to be running in the 1,500-meter race (8 a.m. Friday) and the 3,000 (8 a.m. Saturday). I'm excited to race again before nationals come (July 26-Aug. 1, Jacksonville, Fla.)."

Editor's note: Kinlaw won the 1,500 meters this morning in a personal-best 4:59.41.

"I swim for the Friendly swim team (and will compete in the City Championships, also this weekend). I've been there since I was about 8 years old, and I just love doing it in the summer. Thankfully, the (swimming) races are in the afternoon, so I don't have to worry about rushing over there. But it's gonna be a busy weekend, that's for sure."


What I'm doing when I'm not running

"I am taking a couple of summer classes for high school. I'm hanging out with my family, hanging out with friends and pretty much just chilling out right now this summer."

My running tribe

"Olivia Furst; she runs at Caldwell. Matthew Weaver; he goes to Northern. Sam Deakins; he's going to be a sophomore at Grimsley. There are a few more boys that are off and on, but they come throughout the year. There's a lot more people in the summer, so there'll be a lot more people coming in as the weeks go by."


"When I was in middle school in sixth and seventh grade, at the end of our cross country season, we had this little state meet with a lot of charter and private middle schools. And both years, I won those races. At the beginning of June, I ran at the Body Armor State Games in Durham, and that was really cool because I won both the 1,500 (5:16.13) and 800 (2:34.46). So those are definitely my proudest moments so far."

When I run

"Right now it's definitely the evenings. Practice is in the evening, so I've gotten used to that. I definitely wouldn't consider myself too much of a morning person. ... The heat doesn't really bother me too much."

Where I run

"I would definitely say trails. They're fun to run on. They're something different, and they're shady most of the time. And the ground's softer; it's not as hard on your feet."

A workout I hate

"800 repeats at Bur-Mil. Charlie likes to put us through a little bit of pain. We do our 800s on this big old field. One way is the hill, and the other way is the downhill. It seems like it takes a million years to do one 800, but once you get it done, it definitely helps you improve."

A workout I love

"Over the winter we had to practice in parking lots because all the tracks were closed due to COVID. But we did 500 repeats around this little loop-de-loop thing in a parking lot. It was a little bit hilly, but not very bad, but I really liked doing that. It's the perfect distance since I'm not a sprinter. It's not too fast, but then it's also not really long. It's the perfect balance for me."

Hype music

"'My House,' Flo Rida."

Pre-race meal

"Usually I run in the morning for races, so I like to eat oatmeal with fruit, peanut butter. Sometimes I'll have yogurt and a banana. I never really do too much, because I've learned my lesson on that over the years. We were in a rush to an afternoon cross country meet in about sixth grade and I had Chick-fil-A, and that did not end well."

Post-race indulgence

"Usually we'll get a burger or something. Or I'll get a little treat on the way home."

Brush with greatness

"It's my coach, Charlie Brown. … He knows so much about the sport. With all of our races coming up, he knows how to perfectly plan us for it. And he also has past experience. So he definitely knows what he's doing.”

Worst running mistake

"When COVID started in March, I was all motivated. I hadn't run since cross country season in the fall. And I was like, 'OK, I'm gonna join Pacesetters in June, I'm gonna go all-out and do my best.' And back then it consisted of 10 miles a week; it was nothing like it is now (16-20 miles per week). But I thought I was gonna be all ready for it. I didn't hurt myself, but I was definitely not ready for Pacesetters. I needed to take my time and ease into it. But once I got into Pacesetters, I was perfectly fine."

The cooldown

What I want to do in life

"I've definitely gotten interested in aquatic sciences. I've taken a couple of classes or camps about testing water quality and about animals that are in local bodies of water. I find that really interesting. But on the running side, I'm definitely going to run all the way through high school, and a big hope of mine would definitely be to run in college because I feel like that would be a really cool experience. But you never know where life takes you."

What I'm anticipating most about the Olympics

"I'm more into track (than swimming). It's crazy how fast people will run on the track and all the distances. ... I'm really excited to see how the women's 5K and 10K play out, especially on the USA side. There seem to be some really strong athletes; I feel like a couple of records could be broken. And also I like to watch the steeplechase as well, both the men's and the women's. That seems like a very hard race, but it's really cool how they can get such quick times over those. ...

"I also like to watch swimming in the Olympics. I followed a couple of swimmers in their four years of training. Those races are quick. ... I like Katie Ledecky; it's crazy how they do those long distances in the water. Also Simone Manuel; she's more of sprinter."

What the pandemic took away, what the pandemic gave me

"The pandemic definitely provided more for me than not for running. A downside was once I started getting into it and really improving, because of COVID, especially last summer, there weren't as many races going on. So there was less chance to see if I could get a best time. But if there wasn't a pandemic, I don't think I would have joined Pacesetters. And I don't think I'd be where I am today. It's given me so much extra time to improve. And I've really gotten into a love for running. I'm very grateful for that."

What I've learned about myself from running

"I have a very good mental attitude. Even if I'm not doing well, in a race or just a practice, I can keep the positivity in my mind up and push through it. I'm always happy to go out there and run."

Words to the wise

"Even when you don't want to, I feel like if you love to run, you should do it. If you really have a passion for it, go through with it, even when you don't want to. Work hard all the time, because it really will help you pay off, and you'll see a lot of results come your way."