Boston Marathon Report: Gebre Nida

A Boston Marathon report from Greensboro's Gebre Nida.

Boston Marathon Report: Gebre Nida
Greensboro's Gebre Nida, left, with his brother, Esayas, and Charlotte's Jordan Webb.
Click on the video to see and hear Gebre Nida share his Boston Marathon experience.

Gebre Nida discusses his day at the Boston Marathon. Watch the video above, with Nida awaiting a flight at Boston Logan International Airport, or read his report here:





Finishing time


How he qualified

Qualified at several marathons, but registered with PR of 2:48:19 at 2021 Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary in May 2021

Boston experience

Fourth Boston Marathon

Marathon experience

21st marathon

How it went

"It went very well, considering. I came with three goals. Goal No. 1 was to PR overall; it didn't happen. Goal No. 2 was to keep it under 2:50; it didn't happen. Goal No. 3 was to improve my Boston course; that happened. So I'm happy."

That Boston Marathon moment

"It's my fourth overall, including the one virtual that we did last year. The last three in-person marathons; all of them were special to me. I kept improving my time. This one is almost 900 days since they did it last time. Boston is Boston. I wanted to come and support the city that we love as a running community. The Boston Marathon organization is such a great company. Thousands of volunteers; they make you feel at home. You can't miss that. Any moment of it, I enjoy, so I'm very happy to do it this year."

On his brother Esayas (2:37:17)

"He did very well. He didn't get what he wanted. But his half marathon mark was 1:12; that's his personal best. I know he's got talent; he just needs some volume."

How he's celebrating

"The usual. We stopped by a beer place at the airport. We didn't have enough time in the city to eat or drink. I had more than the usual number of gels; that upsets my stomach anyway. But I can't say no to beer.

"We started off here, and we'll continue in Charlotte with my friends overnight. Then everybody goes back to work. One of our friends is a surgeon; he has eight patients to operate on tomorrow. This is what we do. We run then fly the same night and then go back to work the very next day."