Boston Marathon Report: Cindy Barbour

A Boston Marathon report from Greensboro's Cindy Barbour.

Boston Marathon Report: Cindy Barbour
Greensboro's Cindy Barbour with her third Boston Marathon medal.
Click on the video to see and hear Cindy Barbour share her Boston Marathon experience.

Cindy Barbour recaps her weekend and her day at the Boston Marathon. Watch the video above, or read her report here:





Finishing time


How she qualified

3:34 at Marine Corps Marathon in October 2018

Boston experience

Third Boston Marathon

Marathon experience

Probably 30 or more; she’s run several and paced in others

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How it went

"It was fabulous. I had some calf cramps from 21 1/2 on, which I'd never experienced before. I've had some quad cramps, but never calf. It did not stop me. I slowed down considerably, and I walked a little bit. But I'm super happy with my performance. I was very even and steady up until the debacle with my calves (laughs). But that's OK. That's marathons. Any given day, anything can happen."

That Boston Marathon moment

"My husband (Dan) was with me the first Boston, and this was my last, and he was right there with me. They changed the family meeting area from alphabetized to the color of your bib. And all I kept thinking was, 'Oh my goodness, he doesn't know what color bib I have. He would not pay attention to that.' Luckily he had a picture from my 'flat Cindy' from last night that he referred to to be in the right section. And then of course I did the 'Yo, Adrian!' 'Dan!' Really loud; as you know I can project very well. And he found me. So it was great."

Her final Boston Marathon

"Yes, this is definitely my last Boston. I'm not saying I will never do another marathon. But this is my last Boston. I love this city, and we've had a blast. I've had a blast every time I come. I'm just ready to do other things. I'm just ready to be a really shorter-distance runner, and I'm looking forward to doing more senior games and – I guess I'm super-master now – but more super-master track meets."

How she's celebrating

Cindy Barbour at Fenway Park for Game 4 of the American League Division Series between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox.

"We have tickets to go to the Red Sox game at 7 tonight. I probably will never get to a Division Series game. This is going to be epic for me, and my husband is a huge baseball fan. On my first Boston, we went to the game Sunday before the marathon. So I'm happy to do it today after; very excited."

Cindy and Dan Barbour at Fenway Park in Boston.