Boston Marathon results for Triad runners

Finishing times for runners from Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point and elsewhere across the Triad.

Boston Marathon results for Triad runners

Triad runners' results from the 125th Boston Marathon on Monday. Results will be updated throughout the day.

In a tradition that dates to 2010, reports from selected Triad runners, including an update on the three runners who are completing Chicago and Boston back-to-back, will be available later this afternoon and evening for Running Shorts' premium subscribers. Sign up to receive Running Shorts content, including Boston Marathon coverage, delivered directly to your inbox for just $3 per month or $30 per year.  Click the blue Subscribe button, or upgrade your free version to premium by clicking on the Account button.

Halfway home: Three from Triad in Boston after running in Chicago Marathon
Triad runners Nathan Beamguard, Jeremy Bush and Matt Grannis discuss Sunday’s Chicago Marathon after arriving to compete in Monday’s Boston Marathon.
Three Triad runners to double their pleasures at Chicago Marathon, Boston Marathon
Hamptonville’s Nathan Beamguard and Winston-Salem’s Jeremy Bush and Matt Grannis will race in Sunday’s Chicago Marathon and in Monday’s Boston Marathon.

Guilford County


Cindy Barbour: 3:49:14

Boston Marathon Report: Cindy Barbour
A Boston Marathon report from Greensboro’s Cindy Barbour.

George Bene: 3:39:04

April Galloway: 3:48:46

Keith Gruchacz: 2:57:56

Colleen King: 4:02:05

Danny McCormick: 3:01:38

Hiroaki Nagatomi: 4:16:38

Esayas Nida: 2:37:17

Gebreselassie Nida: 2:57:00

Boston Marathon Report: Gebre Nida
A Boston Marathon report from Greensboro’s Gebre Nida.

Kenton Stamey: 4:16:06

Sally Van Nuland: 4:08:03

Darrel Wells: 4:18:36


Kim Gallimore: 4:12:00

Buddy Gray: 3:30:52

High Point

Rachel Beck: 4:39:08

David Duggan: 4:13:16

Valerie Duggan: 4:13:16

Oak Ridge

Rose Alonso-Mckenzie: 3:51:02

Mark Lindsay: 3:26:39


Michele Johann: 5:33:55


Matthew Rand: 4:38:49

Forsyth County


Cory Boyte: 3:18:06

Jeremy Bush: 3:19:06

Myron Coulson: 3:30:07

Gabriella DeLay: 2:50:27

Eva George: 3:21:19

Matthew Grannis: 2:59:23

Herbert Krabel: 3:22:46

Stephen Maat: 3:28:50

Keith Miller: 3:39:19

Landon Moxley: 3:41:51

Alicia Rider: 3:33:53

Penny Russ: 4:06:40

Hernan Sabio: 3:45:34

Madeline Stambaugh: 3:28:39

Scott Wilson: 4:52:58

Christopher Zona: 3:35:59


Lori Bodwell: 4:18:56

Ha Green: 4:14:46

Tim Istock: 4:31:46

Rosemary Lather: 4:58:03

Mitch Monroe: 3:48:00

Molly Nunn: 3:14:46

Walter Wray: 3:55:09



Laura Bradford: 3:44:10


Stephen Stiegel: 2:49:39


Nathan Beamguard: 3:16:32

Boston Marathon Report: Nathan Beamguard
A Boston Marathon report from Hamptonville’s Nathan Beamguard.


Carmen Bork: 3:17:10


Jeffrey Littlefield: 3:45:38


Joe Ozbolt: 3:59:55

Quinn Woodruff: 2:58:16


Brandon Harris: 3:22:44